Membership Options

SanoVitae Liffey Valley Membership Options

At SanoVitae Liffey Valley, we have a number of flexible SanoVitae membership options to suit everyone. Our extensive facilities, classes, and opening hours are designed to suit you – as are our Membership options


SanoVitae Liffey Valley Up-front Membership Options


Upfront Payments

Peak 12 months for only €365
Off peak 12 months for only €300
Family 12 months for only €850
Child 12 months for only €150
Couple 12 months for only €695


Monthly Payments

Peak Direct Debit for only €39
Off peak direct debit for only €33
Family direct debit for only €85
Child direct debit for only €15
Couple direct debit for only €75


Directs debits are contracted for 3 months meaning you must stay for a minimum of 3 months & if you are not happy after you may cancel. Only after making the 3rd payment. There is also a pro rata fee when signing up to a direct debit membership. You must pay for your time at the club until the 1st direct debit payment is due out of your account, which is on the 15th of every month.


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